Product Questions & FAQ Product Questions & FAQ for Magento 2

  • Multiple layout options for FAQ category page
  • Custom-made user interface
  • Most frequently asked questions’ block on generic FAQ page
  • Social media sharing link and author information on question detail page
  • Create dedicated pages for each category of generic FAQ
  • Create a tab of FAQ on each product page
  • Search the FAQ using content, tag or keywords
  • Different visual effects and icon for each question

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Extension Highlights

Easy access to product questions and answers on the product page When product details are not enough to answer all queries related to products, then customers can view Q&A section to read more details about the product on the product page itself.

Social sharing and like/dislike options Customers can share questions with the answers on their social media and also can give their views by clicking like or dislike buttons.

Instant search Users can write the keywords and the extension will automatically selects all the Q&A includes that word (i.e. auto suggestions FAQ). Also searching questions from given tags is possible which makes search narrow and more efficient.

Custom design of FAQ user interface Plenty of customization options are available in admin to customize the layout, font size, font color, background, background on click, question title border radius, border width and many more. This helps to create FAQ interface that matches the store theme.

Animations and icons to display for question and answers The extension offers various animation effects for the Q&A to get displayed while readers open the answers. Different icons can be displayed with the questions that can be set from admin.

Create unlimited categories for FAQ Store admin can create the N number of categories for the FAQ, and assign the questions and answers to the products from Magento panel at the back-end to display Q&A in a FAQ category or general FAQs list.

Multiple layout options for FAQ categories Different views of FAQ makes it really easy for admin to select the one which matches the user interface of the store and for customers admin would have various options to display product questions and answers on generic category pages. Views are category grid view/ list view and category with questions grid view / list view.

Customers ask questions only when they want to purchase or already purchased the product and you can ensure that the product is the perfect fit for them right on the product page by integrating Mage Delights’ Product Questions + FAQ extension for Magento 2.

The extension closes information gap that customers would find on product page by allowing them to search the answers from FAQ using key words or tags. Hence FAQ block on every product page aids in creating comprehensive knowledge-base for users. Admin can customize the look and feel og FAQ section using different custom options and animation effects. Various notifications for admin and customers help them maintain long lasting relationship which in turn increases customer satisfaction.


  • Customers get complete information on the product page about the product & Service
  • SEO optimized FAQ pages improve the traffic volume
  • User-friendly layout holds the customers' attention
  • Animation effect adds an extra layer to FAQ to hold customer attention
  • Uplift the conversion rate and revenue
  • Save time and efforts of the Ecommerce store support team

Full Feature list

For customers

  • Access generic FAQ and dedicated FAQ of each product
  • Submit the questions on product page easily
  • View categorized generic FAQ
  • View Q&A tab on every product page
  • Search FAQs based on categories
  • Directly search questions and answers with content or keyword or tags
  • Expand answer with a single click
  • Share questions and answers on social media with ease

For admin

  • Create and manage unlimited FAQ categories
  • Add/Assign relevant questions to various FAQ categories
  • auto index newly added questions to add them in auto suggestions search result
  • Enable/Disable generic FAQ and product FAQ blocks
  • Get email notifications when customers submit the questions
  • Manage customers' questions (answer them in person or display on FAQ wall or ignore them)
  • Assign customer groups to access particular category
  • Allow guest customers to access FAQ blocks
  • Select generic FAQ layout from multiple options
  • Apply animation effects on answers
  • Select icon class to display icon with questions
  • Customize FAQ blocks with font, font size, font color, background color, background active
  • Customize question title border with color, width and radius
  • Create SEO-friendly links for the general FAQ page or separate FAQs page
  • Easy to install, configure and upgrade the module
  • Compatible with Magento 2 store
  • Offer support to all the browsers

Minor Bug Fixes

2017-06-13 11:29:07
  • Version number : 2.0.2
  • Stability : Stable
  • Compatibility : Magento Community-2.1, Magento Enterprise-2.1

- Fixed block not getting called when added in tinymce editor.

Minor Bug Fixes

2017-05-30 09:53:21
  • Version number : 2.0.1
  • Stability : Stable
  • Compatibility : Magento Community-2.1, Magento Enterprise-2.1

- Minor Bug Fixes.

New Features Added

2017-04-06 09:20:02
  • Version number : 2.0.0
  • Stability : Stable
  • Compatibility : Magento Community-2.1, Magento Enterprise-2.1

- Auto indexing of categories and questions
- Add/change question icons & mark question as most viewed on generic FAQ
- Added tags (narrow down the search using tags)
- Added feature to like/dislike Q&A and share on social media
- Animation effects on Q&A, Custom design of category and questions
- Multiple layout of generic FAQ, Display author information of each question on Q&A detail page

Product Questions & FAQ for Magento 2 stable release

2016-12-23 08:01:36
  • Version number : 1.0.0
  • Stability : Stable
  • Compatibility : Magento Community-2.0, Magento Community-2.1, Magento Enterprise-2.0, Magento Enterprise-2.1

Product Questions & FAQ for Magento 2 stable release

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Environment Required:

  • Operating System: Linux, Windows.
  • Magento CE: 2.1.*
  • Magento EE: 2.1.*
  • JavaScript must be enabled in browsers.
  • Supported Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above Google Chrome Apple Safari All other standard web browsers.
  • PHP Compatibility:
    • Safe_mode off.
    • Memory_limit no less than 256Mb (preferably 512).
    • Max Execution time no less than 60 seconds.