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MageDelight PWA Studio, Highly Advanced PWA Framework

Complete GraphQL Based PWA Technology to Boost Your Sales Conversion

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    Low Cost
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    100% OpenSource
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PWA has changed the complete landscape of ecommerce for many important reasons: Powerful performance on web and mobile, app-like experience on the phone without installing an app, Flexibility, Offline mode, and Robustness. Recent Google guidelines and Marketing requirements demands have further catapulted the need of adapting to the next-gen PWA.

Many Agencies including Magento plunged into development of PWA studio and solution but due to generic nature, Magento PWA studio is progressing at very steady pace especially in terms of development and release of GraphQL modules, Moreover Vuestore front and Scandiweb PWA are expensive and unstable.

MageDelight is a pioneer in the Magento Extensions world with 70+ live extensions and also made them GraphQL supported. With proven prowess in the GraphQL technology, MageDelight PWA Studio was developed using the best in class coding standard and vast experience of over 13 years in Magento. MageDelight PWA Studio is no more dependent on Magento’s progress on PWA. It is 100% open source, scalable and flexible to any third party GraphQL, vision or capability.

MageDelight's PWA Studio

MageDelight PWA Studio with Remarkable Feature List

Features that promises Increase in Sales Conversion , Customer Satisfaction & Ultimately ROI

Core Features

  • cms/pwa/add-to-home-1
    Add to Home Screen Capabilities

    Add to home screen capability from the browser and offer easy access to the application.

  • cms/pwa/offline
    Offline Mode

    No active internet connection required to access the applications built on MageDelight PWA Solution.

  • cms/pwa/push-notification
    Push Notifications for Major Events

    Send push notifications to your customers on various festive offers and increase customer engagement.

  • cms/pwa/server-side
    Server Side Rendering

    The Server Side Rendering functionality of PWA helps in making the page load faster than CSR.

  • cms/pwa/graphql-1
    100% usage of GraphQL (no rest APIs used)

    The MageDelight PWA is built using GraphQL making it fully-functional and filled with enhanced features.

  • cms/pwa/customized
    Customized Visual Frontend theme

    The MageDelight PWA offers the facility to have customized visual front-end theme as per the requirement.

Striking Store Front

  • cms/pwa/advace_search
    Advance search capabilities

    The application comes with high-end search capabilities to help customers find what they are looking for, seamlessly.

  • cms/pwa/mega_menu
    Classified Mega Menu

    The application brings in Mega menu to help customers navigate through the website with optimum efforts.

  • cms/pwa/rotatiung_banner
    Backend driven promotional rotating banners

    To help in following promotions timely, the PWA comes with Back-end Driven promotional banners.

  • cms/pwa/advanced_layred-1
    Advanced Layered Navigation capabilities

    Navigation made simplest with advanced layered navigation facilities to enhance the customer experience on the store.

  • cms/pwa/image_loading-1
    Images lazy loading for better viewing experience

    Lazy Loading facility for owners to show only the images that are requested by the customer saving time and internet.

  • cms/pwa/product_loading
    Product lazy loading

    Product Lazy Loading facility to help reduce initial load time, minimize page weight and let the page load quicker.

Particularized Product Detail

  • cms/pwa/product-gallery
    Product Gallery

    A responsive and intuitive product gallery to help your customers search the products quickly and easily.

  • cms/pwa/configurable-products-support
    Configurable products support

    Allow your customers choose multiple attributes for a selected product with configurable products support.

  • cms/pwa/product-rich-content
    Product rich content

    The PWA comes with product rich content to help the visitors understand the functioning seamlessly.

  • cms/pwa/reviews-ratings
    Reviews & Ratings

    The MageDelight PWA offers the facility to receive reviews and ratings to increase the customer loyalty.

  • cms/pwa/faster-checkout-with-one-step-checkout
    Faster checkout with one-step checkout

    One-Step Checkout makes the checkout process easiest as well as quickest making the shopping experience better.

  • cms/pwa/magento-native-payment-gateway-capabilities
    Magento native Payment gateway capabilities

    Payment Capabilities that are supported by Magento native are also very efficient factors of the PWA by MageDelight.

Success Stories

Our Work Proves our Quality



Lionfish General Trading LLC is a UAE-based business and aims to inspire and empower everyone to live a healthier and active life. The company designs products as well as experiences that can seamlessly fit into anyone’s life so that every individual can achieve their health and fitness goals.



Racedom is a Greece-based automobile accessory Commerce store with a strong reach across the globe. The organization is a leading brand established since 2007, when it comes to a trustworthy online store for automobile accessories. A one-stop destination for all types of premium accessories for every kind of automobile.

Mordern Perfume

Mordern Perfume

Naseem is an online brand from Saudi Arabia and belongs to one of the most ancient perfume company that has been in the business for over 20 years. Since the world has already moved to online shopping, the client’s goal was to provide his customers with an option to purchase his products online 24/7 and establish his brand in the online marketplace.



Baitcom is a Saudi brand and is a part of the Blue Hills group of companies. The brand is vastly popular for its specialization in supplying home, hotel, office furniture, home accessories, wooden decorations, and fabrics. Along with furniture products, the brand also provides professional interior design services.

Evergy Fitness

Evergy Fitness

Evergy Fitness is a flagship sports equipment brand of Thomas Wellness Group, which is a leader in the Fitness Sector. The brand sells sports equipment products to individuals & provides professional services to fitness clubs, hotels, corporate, gyms, and physiotherapy centers to smartly design & optimize their spaces.

Salam International

Salam International

Salam International Investment LTD is a leading multi-industry company from Qatar and operates in many different countries including Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Palestine, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, and Bahrain. Salam International decided to enter the eCommerce market with its brand new online store for consumer goods as well as fashion, photography, and travel-related products.

PWA Demo Storefront
  • Built with the very own theme by MageDelight
  • No Rest APIs used
  • Offline Mode to improve the CX
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PWA Demo

MageDelight PWA Studio, A Performance Metaphor

MD Theme which Transmute the Customer Buying Experience with exemplary performance

Loading time 3 Seconds
Responsive & Dynamic Design Element
Product filter at a Blink of Eye
Seamless Product Listing
Effort less Product Image & Content loading
Checkout Loading time 3 second
Average Checkout time 2 second
Overall Top-Notch Performance


Get More Clarity on Our Magento 2 Pwa Studio with Answers to These Commonly and Frequently Asked Questions.

  • A PWA ( Progressive Web Application) is a type of application software that can be delivered through the web, built using web technologies such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

  • Magento PWA is the next-generation web technology standard that delivers an app-like shopping experience through mobile and desktop devices.

  • MageDelight PWA is built by expert Magento Certified developers. Our PWA Studio is one of the most high-speed feature-loaded PWA solutions that comes with complete GraphQL based PWA Technology.

PWA Know-How

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Since the release of version 2.3.1, Magento has started supporting PWA and GraphQL – which means, several back end processes will be optimized along with the speed of your solution. Together, GraphQL and PWA can revolutionize the way information is being transmitted and rendered – resulting in better performance all round… Read More

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The benefits of PWA are just too many! But one benefit that makes it a worthwhile investment is you can easily turn a website into an app, eliminating the need to build separate apps.

With the consistent growth of mobile usage, brands must optimize for the mobile shopping experience.PWA has the capability to fill performance gaps & provide a superior experience. Build your PWA with MageDelight's PWA Studio.


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