Upcoming M2 Products

Upcoming Products - Magento 2

    • Bulk upload of products on Flipkart store
    • Manage orders and inventory from Magento store
    • Auto sync price and inventory
    • Manage bulk uploading of products on Jet store
    • Order and inventory management from Magento admin
    • Supports all type of products
    • Create and manage RMA requests from admin as well
    • Quick bulk uploading of products to order from vendor account
    • Full control over admin to manage the orders and wholesalers
    • Quick order capability for multiple product using uploading CSV
    • Auto generated chains of follow up emails at various events
    • Reduce cart dropping ratio and improve turnover rate
    • Keep track of emails and manage sent mails
    • Year-make-model and analogous product filters
    • Display product finders at home page and category pages
    • Add unlimited number of product finders
    • The customer can easily add credit to their wallet system
    • Admin can set the credit limit for the Wallet System
    • Admin can view the customer details who are using Wallet System for making the online payment
    • Customers earn credit on multiple events
    • Supports multi currency
    • Gift credit points to friends
    • Manage credit to be used per order from admin