eCommerce Webstore Case Study

Business Brief

Baitcom is a Saudi brand and is a part of the Blue Hills group of companies. The brand is vastly popular for its specialization in supplying home, hotel, office furniture, home accessories, wooden decorations, and fabrics. Along with furniture products, the brand also provides professional interior design services.


  • Consulting
  • SMB Solution Implementation
  • Third Party extensions & Customisations
  • eCommerce Webstore Implementation
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Baitcom wanted to enter the eCommerce industry with a multi-language online store that is intuitive, reliable, feature-rich. During the development process, the first challenge we encountered was at the payment gateway integration stage.

The client wanted us to integrate the HyperPay payment gateway. But, when we were setting it up, we faced an issue with the order confirmation email, which was sent before the payment was done. Fortunately, our team of certified Magento 2 developers quickly resolved it.

Besides this, another challenge we faced was during the Elastic Search integration. For Baicom’s online store, we utilized Magento 2.4.0 Open Source version. And the Magento 2.4.0 had just launched a new version of the Elastic Search, which caused problems during the configuration. But, our Magento 2 development team overcame the challenge neatly and swiftly.


Before beginning the project work, we scheduled multiple conference meetings with the client to collect all the important information about the client’s project, examined every requirement, and prepared a scope of work document for the client to review. Based on the client’s feedback, we made the necessary changes and began working on the project.

For Baitcom’s online store, we decided to use our SMB Professional Package on top of Magento Open Source Version 2.4.0 with the client’s consent. And as for the front-end part, we used FurnitureGo theme and made customizations to it exactly the way the client wanted.

Along with the theme, we incorporated several Magento 2 extensions to fulfill the client’s specific features & functionality requirements.

Here is the list of all features/functionalities we created on top of our SMB Solution to achieve the client’s vision for his eCommerce shop.

  • Created a multi-language online store with Arabic as the standard language & an option to switch to the English language.
  • Integrated Twilio SMS API to provide SMS notifications to client’s customers.
  • Implemented the One-Step Checkout extension to optimize & speed up the checkout process in the store.
  • Utilized Abandoned Cart Email extension to help the client recover abandoned users & maximize sales.
  • Installed & configured Product Questions & FAQ extension to let customers ask specific questions related to products along with a dedicated FAQ section for commonly asked questions.
  • We also integrated a Social Media Login module so that customers can easily sign up as well as log in to their accounts via various social media platforms.
  • Lastly, we incorporated a specialized custom form for Baitcom’s B2B clients to get in touch & avail B2B interior design services.


In the end, MageDelight proudly delivered an intuitive, scalable, and feature-rich eCommerce store to Baitcom. The client was completely satisfied with the end-result & highly-appreciated our technical expertise, enthusiasm, and services.

Business Details

Project Name



Baitcom Corporation for Information Technology.


Saudi Arabia



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The company was impressed by how well the MageDelight Solutions team worked with the company's in-house for the project. The team was good at letting the company know about updates throughout the process.

– Baitcom

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