Create Promotions in Magento 2

How to Create Promotions in Magento 2?

In an eCommerce store, promotions are beneficial for both, customers as well as store owners. It helps in attracting a large number of customers to the store and ultimately boost sales of the online store. The customers generally wait for such promotions to purchase their desired products at low rates.

Now, if you have your online store on Magento 2, you can create 2 types of price rules to offer promotions on your store. – Cart Price Rules and Catalog Price Rules.

The cart price rules help you apply promotional codes to the shopping cart in Magento 2 whereas catalog price rules help you offer discounts to the catalog before a customer purchases the product.

In today’s tutorial, we will guide you with the steps to create promotions in your store.

Cart Price Rules

Step 1 – Login to Admin Panel and Navigate to Marketing>Promotions>Cart Price Rule

Create Cart Price Rule Magento 2

Step 2 – Click on Add New Rule to add a new rule.

Add New Rule Magento

Step 3 – Configure the new rule on the New Cart Rules page by filling in rule information

Add Rule Information Magento


Rule Name – Mention the name of the rule

Description – Describe the price rule

Status – Set the status of the rule

Website – Mention the URL for which you are creating the promotion

Along with this, you’ll also find some more information boxes to be filled in.

Customer Group Promotions Magento

Customer Groups – Choose the customer group who can enroll this promotion

Coupon – You can either select No coupon or Specific coupon depending upon the type of promotion you are planning to offer

Uses per Customer – Mention the usage limit per customer as planned in your promotion

From/To – Choose a date range during which you want to run the promotion on your store

Priority – If you apply multiple rules, you can set the priority of this rule

Public in RSS Feed – If you are planning to post this promotion in your RSS feed, choose Yes

Now you can set the conditions to be applied on your rule:

Customer Group Promotions Magento

Condition – Set the conditions and sub-conditions of the rule under this tab by clicking on the plus (+) button.

Now, you will need to choose the action of the rule:

Apply Condition to Magento Rule

Apply – Choose from the dropdown to define the action of the rule

Discount Amount – Mention the discount amount in the given blank

Discard Subsequent Rules – Select Yes or No to apply or discard the other rules

Once done, Save the configuration to apply it on the storefront.

Similarly for Catalog Price Rule – Login to Admin Panel and Navigate to Marketing>Promotions>Catalog Price Rules

Now follow the same steps as cart price rules to create the promotion rule.

If you have any doubt regarding the promotions on your Magento 2 store, feel free to reach out to the team of certified Magento 2 developers at MageDelight.

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