Boost Sales using Abandoned Cart Email Extension in Magento 2

How to Boost Sales using Abandoned Cart Email Extension in Magento 2

Are you looking for the best ways to bring all abandoned cart users back to your Magento 2 store?

Well, cart abandonment has always been a serious problem for Magento 2 store owners.

And while there are lots of solutions to prevent cart abandonment in Magento 2, but all the available solutions does not guarantee that it will bring the cart abandonment rate to zero.

So, it is necessary to take some action not only to prevent cart abandonment as much as possible but also bring back the abandoned cart users and turn them into buyers.

And in this article, we will discuss how Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension can help to bring back abandoned cart users and boost your sales.

What is Cart Abandonment?

For those who don’t know, cart abandonment is a widely-popular term in the eCommerce industry and it is used whenever a visitor adds items in the shopping cart but then abandons it before completing the purchase.

These abandoned carts can significantly affect your sales. Therefore, it’s critical to have an effective solution in place to tackle the cart abandonment problem.

In simple words, the goal should be to encourage these potential customers to come back and turn their abandoned carts into orders.

And the best way to make that happen is to integrate the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension.

How does Magento 2 Abandon Cart Email Extension help to Boost Sales?

The Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension not only helps Magento 2 store owners to reduce the number of cart abandonments but it also helps to improve customer loyalty.

This ultimately leads abandoned cart users to come back and finish the purchase process by sending automatic emails with appealing offers.

Let’s look at the different ways the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension helps to bring back potential customers and boost your sales.

1 – Recovery of Shopping Cart

The Magneto 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension works wonders when it comes to converting abandoned cart users into buyers. The extension basically sends a cart reminder email with an attractive discount code and allows abandoned cart users to make the purchase with a single click.

So, if the user decides to finally purchase your product, he or she simply needs to click on the link and directly get landed on the Checkout Now where they can finish placing the order smoothly.

2 – Customized Email Templates

The Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension allows creating your own customized abandoned cart email templates for different types of email campaigns.

In the customized email template, you can include the list of abandoned cart items, short descriptions for each item, and an attractive discount code.

In addition, you can also fuse an inspirational call to action button to increase the chances of clicks and making more sales from abandoned cart users.

And the best part is, this extension also allows you to customize a variety of emails based on the behavioral analysis of your store visitors. For store owners, this is tremendously helpful because they can send the specified email pitch in order to boost sales.

3 – Create Unlimited Coupon Codes

The Abandoned Cart Email Extension for Magento 2 allows store admins to make a wide variety of unlimited coupons with flexible rules.

Discount Coupon Code is proven and always been helpful in attracting abandoned cart users and generate more business.

In simple terms, the coupon codes can drastically increase the chances of converting potential customers into regular buyers.

4 – Target Specific Customers with Email Rules

In addition to coupon code rules, store owners can also generate unlimited email rules for different objects to target specific customers.

For example, you can send a simple email to your potential customers reminding them about their cart and convert them into buyers.

Alternatively, you can also email them the direct links of their abandoned products along with a sweet discount coupon to save their time & money and ultimately lead them to make a purchase.

5 – Set Flexible Dispatch Schedule

Rather than sending emails right away after they’re created, the extension also comes with an option to send them at a specific time by setting a schedule.

For instance, you can plan to send a particular email to everyone at a specific time by deciding a timetable. And once you’ve set the schedule, your emails will be automatically sent to all customers that fit your email rules at the exact time you’ve set.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, cart abandonment is an issue that every online store owner must address in order to increase sales and grow the business.

Thankfully, the Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension is a perfect solution to combat the rising problem of abandoned carts by sending automated reminder emails to customers, bring them back to finish their purchase, and boost the sales significantly.

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